Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy - Walk down our hallways
Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy   - "Returning to Old Fashioned Values"
Our school hallways

As you walk down our hallways we are hoping you will hear and feel many things...Laughter, singing and music, teaching and a warm family feeling.
As a school we feel it is important to recognize
all of the students in the school. One of our teachers
created this wonderful world map so that we would
be able to identify all of the cultures at Streetsville
and see how diverse we are.
 We also believe in creativity and thinking outside the a challenge for our parents, we created a wall with distorted pictures of all of the students. The parents can try to find their child....if they can!
Celebrating Birthdays at Streetsville is also an important part of our regular days. You will see at the front entrance of the school a large Streetsville Train where children's pictures are placed on their month's birthday, so that the whole school can celebrate with them.

We feel it is so important to display the creative work that the children has completed within the classroom. Outside each room is a large bulletin board displaying wonderful art creations.

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