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Academy Uniforms
Students who are enrolled in our Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grade Programs are required to wear our school uniforms which can be purchased at Old Navy/Children's Place/Walmart or Carters. Its Simple, Easy and Affordable.

School Uniform Khkai bottoms for all Academy Students 
School Uniform Khaki Dress for all Academy studentsSchool Uniform Polo top for all Academy student

Listed below are the uniform requirements for JK, SK and Primary students that can be purchased from Old Navy through their School Uniform Line


Girl Uniforms

Blue Short Sleeved or Long Sleeved Polo Shirt

Khaki Uniform Jumper

Khaki Uniform Pants

Khaki Shorts

White Socks

Plain Blue Track Pants GYM DAYS ONLY


Boys Uniform

Blue Short Sleeved or Long Sleeved Polo Shirt

Khaki Uniform Pants

Khaki shorts

White socks

Plain Blue Track Pants GYM DAYS ONLY


Black School shoes are to be worn Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday

Gym day is Wednesday and students are required to wear running shoes.

Both shoes can be kept at the school in their shoe cubby.


Uniforms are a part of our school. We feel it is very important for our students to be comfortable and presentable.

 If you have any questions, please direct them to Emma Campbell.



All students are to be in full school uniform as of September.

Summer uniform is in effect as of June 1 every school year.

Jacky Sheppard            Emma Campbell

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